Tower Ownership

Wireless technology is a growth industry with a soaring consumer need. With more wireless
technologies entering the market everyday, the demand for more wireless infrastructure expands. The growth of this market is continually multiplying. Finding a comprehensive plan to capitalize on this market is exceedingly necessary in today's competitive landscape of wireless communications companies. A champion is needed to help navigate the industry in a profitable pattern. A champion with extensive experience, valuable industry resources and a proven record of success. This challenge can be met by fulfilling a wide range of needs in the wireless industry while maintaining an unwavering quality of service.

Integrated Wireless Development is that champion. We offer a comprehensive selection of
professional site services, Including tower ownership, leasing and management, and Build-to-Suit programs. Our commitment to high quality services stands strong on our highly skilled associates who specialize in site acquisition and zoning specialties, civil, structural, electrical and radio frequency engineering, tower erection, and heavy equipment operations. By using our own capital to build or buy towers, and our own employees to deploy and service communication networks, we carry the burden of the major financial commitments.

With our knowledge, capital and skilled human resources on the front lines our customers are
afforded the luxury of focusing on improving their technology, expanding their coverage, upgrading their networks and building their businesses.