Site Acquisition

The first step in any development project is finding the right site, and this is far beyond mere geography. There are a number of factors that determine the suitability of a site, including location (both RF and zoning concerns), geological/environmental suitability, leasability, and cost to name a few. Finding the right site isn’t luck; it’s a science. Once you have found the location, the trick is actually acquiring it.

At Integrated Wireless Development, we have a thorough approach to site acquisition, which is based upon probability of leasing, zoning, and cost of construction. Once the site is RF approved, Integrated Wireless Development secures the property. With our unique understanding of the tactics and procedures for site acquisition, Integrated Wireless Development can find the right site for your development plans.

Integrated Wireless Development Site Acquisition Services:

- Review of Preliminary Zoning
- Site Identification
- Site Selection
- RF Design Approval
- Environmental Coordination
- Leasing