Integrated Wireless Development provides services for each phase of development from Site Acquisition and Zoning to Construction and Tower Ownership. We run the full gamut of services so you can maintain your business.

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John Kessler Director of Marketing


John received his MBA from Loyola College in Baltimore, Md.  He received his JD from Oklahoma City University School of Law, and his BS from Mt. St. Mary’s College, Md. Prior to entering the Wireless Industry, John spent several years in construction and construction consulting services. Join joined Nextel in 1997 where he served in a variety of roles (Market Manager through Director of Site Development) within the Site Development team for Nextel’s Northeast Region (Norfolk Va to Maine, including Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston).


John’s personal motto is “never stop growing” which recognizes the inherent value of experience, while encouraging new experiences as well as continued development on a person and professional basis. John believes that IWD offers its clients the services of an A-Team that has depth in experience, broad experience, and tremendous passion.